Opening files with a double click

Donn donn.ingle at
Mon Jun 29 10:50:00 UTC 2009

Kubuntu Jaunty - 64bit
KDE 4.2.x
Nvidia card using nvidia-glx-180
Theme: Oxygen default install

Hi, I am sure I am being dumb here, but...
In Konqphin ... How do you open *in an external app* a jpg file by double-
clicking it? I have set okular to be my preferred jpg application. Every time 
I double-click (DC) on a jpg it opens *inside* Konqphin (kpart).

The same goes for SVG files (and others). I want an SVG ,when I DC, to open in 
Inkscape -- not some horrible svg kpart.

In KDE 3.5 one could always middle-click a file to get an external application 
to open it. In KDE4, no longer...

Halp! :D

2D vector animation :
Font manager :

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