OT: Adding a Konsole Session

Alan Dacey Sr. Grokit at ajinfosearch.com
Tue Jun 23 18:22:07 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 23 June 2009 01:47:55 pm Tim Johnson wrote:
> * Michael Hirsch <mdhirsch at gmail.com> [090623 08:46]:
> > I've tested this with KDE 3.5.  God knows how it works in KDE 4.x, but
> > I bet it is something simliar.  I added a mylinux.desktop file to
> > ~/.kde/share/apps/konsole/ and it showed up in the menu of a new
> > konsole.  Strangely, the Name field in the file didn't affect how it
> > showed up, but the Comment field did.  That seems backwards, to me.
>   Yup. That did it.
>   1)Created ~/.kde/share/apps/konsole/rebol.desktop
>   2)Config follows:
>   ---------------------------------------------
>   [Desktop Entry]
>   Type=KonsoleApplication
>   Name=Rebol Interpreter
>   Comment=Rebol
>   Exec=/usr/bin/rebol
>   Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/pwr-rebol.png
>   ---------------------------------------------
>   Now I can launch the rebol interpreter as pull-down
>   item from Konsole->Session.
>   And I'm sure I can do this for mutt also.
>   Thanks folks!
> --
> Tim
> tim at johnsons-web.com
> http://www.akwebsoft.com

Wow.  KDE and Linux is just sooooo cool.  To think of how easy it is to make 
your own personal menus just blows my mind.  I never even thought to ask this 
question before.  I guess I am still throwing off the windows baggage after two 
plus years of freedom.  I just wish I found this feeling years ago.


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