Adding app shortcuts to panels

Goh Lip g.lip at
Tue Jun 23 03:56:01 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:

> I unlocked widgets and was able to right-click and move to panel.  Thanks Goh 
> Lip, nice to hear your voice.  I have been attempting to make the choice 
> without unlocking widgets.  What is the reason for requiring that to make the 
> choice, do you know?

I guess it is to prevent inadvertently modifying panels. I remember that 
some widgets, trash can were lost because I didn't lock widgets. I think 
it's good to have this feature.

Good luck on your router/modem connections. When you experiment with 
different ways (ports, wlan. lan, cables) make sure you can go back to 
where you started. Write down what you did, what works, and what didn't.
Helps me all the time to write down, (even when I was young). Glad to 
see many people (better than me) helping you out.

Oh, Steven, to do things in a terminal it is "sudo apt-get ....."
  NOT "kdesudo apt-get......"

To open a gui, like kate, its "kdesudo kate..." NOT "sudo kate.."

Please, you have to remember this.

Goh Lip

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