Fwd: Re: Is there virus removal software for Jaunty KDE

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Mon Jun 22 19:58:59 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:

> Dear Eberhard,
> Why can't I just connect to the Internet using the modem only?  It is a router 
> also.  It eliminates completely one of the potential problems.

But apparently it does not solve your current desktop 
problem, does it?

So, any time, I am at a loss, I try to do it differently. I 
do not know what you do, but for me, this works more often 
than not.

I would like to have the router properly working with the 
laptop to have a "well defined" and "known good" connection 
which I consider to be a good basis for any further 
investigations in regard to your faulty "virus-prone desktop"
> That is the way I am connected to you right now.  I am connected to you with a 
> cable from the back of the laptop to the modem.  It works.  Why won't it work 
> for the broken computer too?  Cable from back of broken computer to modem.  
> Most of those who are helping seem to prefer this setup anyway.  What am I 
> missing?

Nothing. It is up to you to choose. Actually you are grown 
up and Linux is about choice, as sad as this sometimes might 

It is entirely up to you to make your choice. I just feel 
that we do not make any progress since dozens of mail 
exchanges. So it might be time to attack the problem from a 
different angle.

Kind regards

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