Steven Vollom's networking problems

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Jun 22 17:10:23 UTC 2009

On Saturday 20 June 2009 09:15:12 am Frans wrote:
> Hi Steven,
> If I remember correctly you are able to connect to the internet (at least
> with a browser, lets forget about email for now) when using a Live CD
> with _every_ computer (that is able to run that Live CD) as long as you
> connect an ethernet cable directly between that computer and the 'modem'.
> Therefore I think the 'modem' is actually a router with a DHCP server
> which gives the attached computer an IP address among other things,
> allowing access to the internet.

This is actually the case.  I did not realize it.  I think when the ISP 
replaced my modem a few months back, they provided a combination modem/router; 
I did not realize that.  Either that or all DSL modems are also routers too.
> If I remember correctly you used your router (the large box :)  ) as a
> 'hub' . I think you mean the integrated four port LAN switch (which acts
> the same as a hub ).

> If that's correct you should _not_ use the WAN port from that router,
> just the LAN ports for _all_ your ethernet cables (computers and 'modem').

Actually, I have stopped using the D-Link from almost the first post.  I have 
been direct connecting to the computer using the Modem/Router.  When I change 
from computer to laptop, I have to move the cables, but that has been how I 
have been doing it.
> You mentioned a few days ago:
> "I just came in from a fall I took in the back yard. Almost knocked
> myself out, I hit my head so hard"
> And you are still not feeling well today I understand.
> *please* consult a health care professional.

Thanks for the thoughtfulness, but it has been several days now and I seem to 
be all right.  I have a lingering headache, but I actually feel pretty good.

> Good luck!
>     -Frans (who certainly should not give medical advice and is not a
> networking specialist)

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