100 papercuts

Alvin info at alvin.be
Mon Jun 22 10:05:55 UTC 2009

Hello list,

I'd like to bring this blog post about Canonical's 100 papercuts project to 
your attention:

Now, before rushing off to launchpad I'd like to know what Kubuntu papercuts 
could be. (I already rushed to launchpad for what I thought was a minor 
annoyance, but the request was denied: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/340206 

There are two things that annoy me in Kubuntu, but aren't showstoppers:
- The ever crashing bookmark editor.
- The half-working NFS kioslave.

Well, there are more, but a papercut should affect a large number of people. 
Maybe the two problems above aren't easy to fix either. Any ideas about small 
usability problems?

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