Google favicon replaced by ZD Net favicon

Tony Sivori TonySivori at
Sat Jun 20 19:46:04 UTC 2009

Willy Hamra wrote:

> 2009/6/20 Tony Sivori <TonySivori at>:
>> Konqueror 3.5.10 on KDE 3.5.10. The Konqueror browser tab favicon for
>> Google search results keeps getting replaced by a ZD Net favicon.
>> Several times I have replaced the ZD net icon (
>> with a Google Icon ( by renaming the Google icon
>> This fixes the problem, but only temporarily.
>> Eventually, the unwanted ZD Net icon comes back and replaces the Google
>> search result icon.
>> Am I the only one having this problem?
> no, i rarely use konqueror, but have heard of this issue here on the
> list and multiple times, and it's always zdnet :S

I posted about this last April 25. I've been reading this list for the
past year or so, and I don't recall seeing any other mentions of it.

I've considered making the ZD Net and Google favicons root owned files,
but that seems like an extreme step that might cause unanticipated
problems later.

I googled favicon hijack, and the most relevant hit was not what I
expected. It was how to "borrow" a website's favicon and use it on your
own website.

Do you think this is something ZD Net is doing intentionally? Or is it a
Konqueror bug?

Tony Sivori
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