Install *-dbg for all installed KDE packages

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sat Jun 20 10:32:06 UTC 2009

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>> Thanks, Clay. I don't suppose that other than the disk space, there is
>> a performance penalty with these packages? Do they demand more RAM /
>> processor cycles than the regular packages?
> Indeed they can, as they generate more output. You can see and measure
> the difference by starting an application on the command line with or
> without the --debug option and monitor the CPU/RAM usage with the KDE
> system monitor.
> Of course, this very much depends on your computer performance,
> though. I have all debug packages installed for the KDE applications
> on my system and don't see much difference on a 2.3 GHz CPU with 4 GB
> of RAM. This will of course be very different with much less RAM, as
> it can intensify swapping and slow down the performance.
> And, as Clay mentioned it, those debug packages can be quite big, so
> if the / partition is limited in size this can lead to space problems

Thanks, Myriam. My machine has half the RAM as yours, but it is plenty
still with the applications that I use. I will see how it goes and if
I have problems I will revert to the standard packages.

By the way, just for my own reference, this is the list of currently
available *-dbg pakages for KDE:
$ apt-cache search dbg | grep kde
kdelibs-dbg - debugging symbols for kdelibs
python-kde4-dbg - KDE 4 bindings for Python (debug extensions)
kdenlive-dbg - a non-linear video editor (debugging symbols)
kdesvn-dbg - debug symbols for kdesvn
kdevplatform-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDevelop platform
kdewebdev-dbg - debugging symbols for kdewebdev
kdewebdev-dbg-kde4 - debugging symbols for kdewebdev
kxsldbg-kde4 - graphical XSLT debugger for KDE
liblockdev1-dbg - Debugging library for locking devices
python-kde3-dbg - KDE3 bindings for Python (debug extensions)
koffice-kde4-dbg - Debugging symbols for koffice2
kdeutils-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDE 4 utilities module
kdenetwork-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDE 4 networking module
kdebase-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDE 4 base applications module
kdetoys-dbg - debugging symbols for kdetoys
kdebase-workspace-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDE 4 base workspace module
kdeplasma-addons-dbg - debugging symbols for kdeplasma-addons
kdeedu-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDE 4 education module
kdemultimedia-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDE 4 multimedia module
kdesdk-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDE 4 Software Development Kit module
kdebase-runtime-dbg - debugging symbols for KDE 4 base runtime module
kdegraphics-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDE 4 graphics module
kdepim-dbg - debugging symbols for kdepim
kdegames-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDE 4 games module
kdeaccessibility-dbg - debugging symbols for kdeaccessibility
kdepimlibs-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDE 4 PIM libraries
kdelibs5-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDE 4 libraries module
kdeadmin-dbg - debugging symbols for kdeadmin

Having them listed here will help me organize my attack plan, sorry
for the wasted bits!

Dotan Cohen

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