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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 09:56:24 UTC 2009

2009/6/20 Joel Oliver <joelol75 at verizon.net>:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>>  Can you describe "buggy"? Thanks.
>>  Buggy as in no sound
>> >  Many times, playing with the
>> > compositing settings in kde4 has locked my out of a usable desktop
>> > requiring me to get on the terminal to fix it.
>>  Really? Please elaborate, this sounds like a serious bug and I cannot
>>  reproduce it. I need clear reproduction instructions.
> OK, I went into the desktop settings and where the compositing settings were
> IIRC there was 'sync to blank' amd various settings like motion blur...
>  Click around in there and BAM instant black screen.  A CTRL-Backspace won't
> help.

That has to be enabled in current versions of Ubuntu! Google nozap. I
hate that change.

> Shutdown and restart doesn't help because the 'bad setting' is saved.
>  The easiest way was just to dump the .kde directory for me and restart KDM.

This sounds like a need for a "KDE safe mode". Please comment here:

>  I also elaborate in this being in 4.0 / 4.1 in hardy or intrepid and
> whether they fixed it or not is not my concern.  I could reproduce it any
> time of the day at the time but never filed bug reports.  Why should bug
> reports be filed on blatently ovious problems.

Because they are obvious to _you_! Obviously the software would not
have gotten out the door if this occured on a dev's machine. I concur
that this _is_ your concern and I advise you to check in Jaunty or
Karmic, and file a bug report or three. Remember, although your
hardware makes this easy to reproduce, that does not mean that any of
the dev's finite number of test machines displayed the same symptoms.
It is a common fallacy to suspect that since _you_ see the bug, there
was a dev who saw the bug too.

> I would have spent days
> documenting the bugs, and around that time posting a KDE4 bug on launchpad
> would've had you tarred and feathered, although it was their idea to quickly
> include KDE4 as the default.

I know, I hate how all the distros jumped on shiny new KDE 4 even
though it was clearly not ready for end users. However, your case
sounds more severe than the usual case, and I urge you to check that
the bug still exists.

> This actually turned me off using kde which I
> have used for many years.  I had to figure out a way to move my custom
> servicemenus to gnomes nautilus preferences manager....  It wasn't fun but I
> couldn't use KDE 4 in it's earliest releases, but I never had a choice
> unless I switched to debian.

Why not stick with KDE 3? That's what KDE recommended doing.

> The umm.... Dragonplayer or whatever just didn't work well or at all and vlc
> and other arts apps worked well but some caused phonon to pop up a waning
> about missing a sound server....  I don't know, I member going into the
> systems settings/ sound/ and selecting the NVIDIA sound devices back (Even a
> reboot fixed it) but the phonon crashed bs always kept popping up.
> Again this is 4.1.   I had better results on other peoples computers but I
> could easily reproduce them on mine.  Whether they are fixed now or not I
> don't care as I'm using gnome at the moment.

Well give it a shot and file the bugs if needed. I am very happy with
KDE 4.2 and so are most people who use it. And I invite you to contact
me directly (on or off list) if there are still regressions from KDE 3
in the current KDE.

Dotan Cohen


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