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> Ok I'll try to explain, we don't know if you have your router set to assign
> your computer a dynamic IP or a static IP. So this means if you had your
> computer set to a static IP, then, when you connect your computer directly
> to the modem, your modem is trying to assign your computer a dynamic IP and
> it can't do so, because your NIC is only set to a certain IP for your
> network which is a static IP.
> For instance I have 4 computers on my network, I configured each of the
> NIC's on my computers to have a static IP,,
> and Ok now given this info, the computer
> is a wireless computer, If I were ever to take that computer
> and hook it directly to my DSL modem, it wouldn't work, because I have it
> set to a static IP. In order to be able to make this computer work with a
> direct connection to my DSL modem, I would have to set my NIC on that
> computer to receive a dynamic IP.
> Did that help?auto lo
iface to inet loopback
net mask
> > I am trying very hard to make myself understood.  I hope I succeeded this
> > time.  I am sorry it is so tough to translate what I am saying into
> > logic.
> I understand. But I've pleaded with you to get the basics down first before
> venturing into stuff like this.

When I first connected the computer to the router which was several months ago, 
I got help from the list.  It was connected that way until the recent problem 
happened and worked fine all that time.  It wasn't until the problem that I 
related to as virus that I disconnected the computer from the router and 
connected it to the modem directly.  I only did this because of the errorauto 
iface to inet loopback
net mask message Unknown Host when trying to connect to the browser 
and the error message generated by the computer that I had a router problem.  
I haven't been playing around with the router or networking at all.  I do not 
know anything about it and can only get things to function with help from 
someone who knows about such things. 

At the time I got help connecting to the router many months, it was to connect 
two computers, neither a laptop. to get Internet connection for browser and 
email at the same time.  I have since used it for my laptop, but not as a 
wireless connection.  It is connected using an ethernet cable, and has worked 
just fine.

Earlier today, I was asked to check the /etc/network/interfaces was as 

auto lo
iface to inet loopback
net mask

The addresses were not present only the first 2 lines.

I edited and saved as they wanted and booted.

I attempted to connect using a browser, but got the same error message Unknown 

I was then told to add to the above entry as follows:

auto lo
iface to inet loopback
net mask

autuo eth0
iface etho inet dhcp

Again rebooted and tried connection with the same result Unknown Host.

The current settings for /etc/network/interfaces is as last shown in this 

Also, today, I set up the connections as they were when the problem started.

I connected a LAN cable from the modem to the WAN port on the D-Link router.  
I connected a LAN cable from one of the other ports of the router to the 
laptop and a LAN calble from another port of the router to the broken 
computer.  I unplugged the D-Link router from the power source for 30 seconds 
and reconnected.  I booted the computer and tried connecting to the Internet.  
Unknow Host as a result.  I then depressed the reset button and held it down 
for a slow count of ten and tried again with the same result.  Of course I 
currently with a direct connection from the laptop to the modem again so I can 
send this email.

> I hope this helps clear some of the confusion up for you.
> --
> Blessings,
> David M.

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