Ubuntu or Kubuntu

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 22:26:13 UTC 2009

> Now
> yes, you can use kdm and kde4 but the current state of kde4...  Ok I'm
> not going down that path.

Please do go down that path! Let's identify the bugs so that they can
be fixed. You can complain to me off list if you prefer, or you can
file the bugs yourself, but I'm here to help if you want.

> KDE4 with its discrete Desktop Settings and Phonon sound management
> seems to be buggy and break often.

Can you describe "buggy"? Thanks.

> Many times, playing with the
> compositing settings in kde4 has locked my out of a usable desktop
> requiring me to get on the terminal to fix it.

Really? Please elaborate, this sounds like a serious bug and I cannot
reproduce it. I need clear reproduction instructions.

> Why kde developers need
> to have their own sound system and other low level systems like  phonon
> makes no sense to me, there's already enough well established sound
> management systems like esound, pulseaudio, jack, ect...  So kill arts
> and start a new mess?

I know, this seems to be a severe case of NIH!

Dotan Cohen


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