I need write access to local disks in Dolphin (both installed and LiveCD)

Alan Dacey Sr. Grokit at ajinfosearch.com
Thu Jun 18 03:00:12 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 17 June 2009 06:54:04 pm Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > Did you change the ownership them to yourself in a CLI?
> > sudo chown dotan dotan  or something similar?
> Actually, that is what I do. But I am looking for a more general
> solution for end users, who will not touch the CLI. As the disks show
> up in Dolphin, I was hoping that there is a solution.
> --
> Dotan Cohen

I kind of figured that you knew that, but I had to ask the obvious question.  I 
don't have any disks/partitions that have not already been fstab'ed but I 
could not find anything when I popped in a usb stick.  I never really noticed 
that before.  I know you can change other permissions on files but not 
ownership.  I also haven't read anything about this on the developer planets.
That sounds like a good bug report / feature request to me.


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