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Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Wed Jun 17 04:05:47 UTC 2009

On Monday 15 June 2009 10:47:55 am Billie Erin Walsh wrote:
> Steven,
> What, if any, programs did you install just before the problem started.??
> I know you were working on e-Sword just before but did you install
> _ANYTHING_ other than that?

I finally got e-Sword installed.  It is just great.  I made a major change, 
however it was with the guidance of a proven expert with Kubuntu systems and I 
trust his advice implicitly.  It had to do with mounting.

For many years I have had problems relating to mounting.  I have always used 
/media for partitions followed by their partition identity.  It has repeatedly 
caused me problems, I think because Kubuntu has more or less reserved /media 
for things like CD roms and the like.  In any event a dear friend and 
excellent expert suggested the following.  I will show you how the problem 
computer is mounted.  It wasn't done long before my problem.

I have two drives, 1 80gb and 1 200gb.

the 80 is mounted as follows:

/                                                         20gb
/swap                                                   2gb
/home/steven/svpersonal                      58gb

the 200gb HDD is mounted as follows:

/home                                                100gb
/home/steven/backup                             99gb

The desirable part of this method of mounting is the fact that if an 
application or the OS screw up the system enough to require a re-install of 
the OS, little is lost in the exchange.  All configurations remain in tact,  
All email folders and settings and bookmarks remain unaffected.  And all stored 
data is preserved.  Only the boot partition is affected plus perhaps a couple 
of 3rd party installations like wine have to be reinstalled.  I love it and 
don't plan to change this configuration of partitions ever.

That is the only change, plus wine and e-sword.  And they both still work fine.  
Everything in my computer works normally excepting anything that connects to 
the Internet.  Package Managers are useless.  Konsole is useless for adding 
software.  Browser doesn't work at all, and no email.  I think email will 
receive, but not send.  So receiving email on the bad computer complicates 
things even more because it is hare to transfer any data off the computer.

I typed in ipconfig in the shell; it came up just fine.  I copied the data to an 
odt and put it in a thumb drive, but when I opened the thumb drive on my 
laptop the file was not there.  Drag and drop did not work, neither did copy 
and paste.  The data would not stay in the thumb.

Whenever someone asked for my ipconfig, I had to type it into the email on the 
laptop.  I am missing part of an important finger so I make lots of mistakes 
when I type things like you find in a ipconfig file.  Finally, I made a copy of 
the file in my laptop so I can attach or paste it to an email, and of course, 
since I have it, no one asks for it anymore.

Well, I am in and out of root, when I need to, but only when it is necessary 
to install something.

I am sure it isn't a virus, but it sure behaves like one.  Every feature that 
broke had to do with getting information out of the computer, even to the 
extent of not being able to copy to a flash drive and copy a document into 
another computer.  Otherwise everything operates normally.  And the implied 
threat in the email planted the thought in the beginning.  The neat thing that 
is happening here is that I am learning a bunch more stuff that I would have 
had to wait for if it hadn't happened.

I'd rather not look so stupid, but I am not the brightest bulb on the tree.  
I'm just that crazy steven again.  This one sure has a lot of people thinking 
though.  I hope it prospers the group.  I was just warned of someone trying to 
redirect my mail.  What is that all about.  They gave me option for 
redirection but no identity.  I canceled it; that was right,  wasn't it?

Well to finish up a couple of replies and get some sleep.


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