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On Monday 15 June 2009 03:14:53 am Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Monday 15 June 2009 04:30:46 Steven Vollom wrote:
> > On Saturday 13 June 2009 05:30:58 pm Willy K. Hamra wrote:
> > > Steven Vollom wrote:
> > > > A virus has blocked me from sending emails, from communicating with
> > > > my ISP, and now from downloading an application that may fix the
> > > > problem. How can I download Klamov to a file, so I can copy it on a
> > > > thumb drive and install it on my infected computer?
> >
> > Even now, those of you who may be
> > able to advise how I might download virus removal software so that I can
> > make a copy of it and install it on the infected computer have not made
> > an offer of the information.
> Steven,
> I have already - 4 or 5 hours ago - told you how to run a virus checker on
> your "infected" computer using a live CD, and someone else has told you how
> to do it by downloading the relevant .debs and transferring them onto
> the "infected" computer with a USB key.  Eberhard has offered to help you
> sort out your network.
> No-one on this list has an obligation to help you.  Once is often enough to
> ask, twice if you are really pushed.  Since you do not accept the advice
> you are given, why should people go on giving it?
> Lisi
I am so sorry Lisi.  It is never that I don't accept the advice, it is that I 
don't understand the advice.  I have too much respect for you to be that way.

Clay, who frustrated the blazes out of me responded to an email where several 
others sent responses they thought I should have.  They tried to move me to a 
GUI when I wanted to divide a large avi file using avisplit.

So here is Clay, a guy I was just a bit curt with helping me just the way I 
need help.  He made an example for me.  Just a glance at the example was all I 
needed to learn the process.  But an example is a picture to me, in this case 
a picture of words, but a picture.  That is the way right-brained people 
learn.  It is kind of like when you teach a baby words, you take a picture of 
a duck and say duck.  The visual association teaches the child.

I spent over 50 years of my life exclusively in the right-brain.  I was almost 
a hermit.  All i did was make art, talk art.  In my spare time I made art.  It 
was all I did.  Most artists have a dual life that involves art and other  
stuff.  The kind of thing you spend your life doing.

When it came to avisplit, everyone seemed to want to guide me to a GUI, 
apparently because being a visual person perhaps they thought that was the way 
to go, but it wasn't the right way for me.

I spent hours trying to understand man pages.  They don't make any sense to 
me.  but when anyone gives me an example of what the man pages is teaching, I 
immediately see the lesson.  That brief example that Clay provided was equal 
to one of these 30 post solutions for me.  I saw it like a painting, and 
although it was all words, it worked with my thought process.

Sometimes people will accuse me of making snap judgments where all the 
elements to a situation are visible.  If I see it in totality I have an 
instant answer, not a snap judgment just an answer.  I have been struggling to 
change the way I see things for 20 years now with computers, because I just 
love it, but when I describe how I take in information, logical thinkers 
(which make up the computer industry) can not relate. It is happening in this 
situation; it happens all the time.  Much as I try, i haven't yet been able to 
change.  Either I will, or I will become an expert in visual computer work.

If you could see me do what I am good at, you would be surprised.  Fellow 
artists who don't have my particular gift will have me evaluate a painting 
they are making but troubled about something in it that they cannot see.  They 
may struggle for weeks before calling.  I walk in the room and say something 
like this did you realize the hand on that woman is the size of a child.  All 
it takes for me is a glance,  I hear an arg!!!!!! and paint is flying.  They 
paint out their work and don't even say good by.  Next time I see them, I get 
the,"I just don't know how I could have done that, and how is it that you can 
see it so fast?"  The answer is, I don't know.  But I don't know why I can't 
read a man page and see what they are trying to tell me either.  Yet when I 
receive the information in a way that I can understand, is seconds I 
understand what I couldn't learn when taught in logical terms.

It doesn't just frustrate you, Lisi.  I know you are doing your darnedest to 
help me.  I am grateful beyond your understanding, but I am not guilty of what 
you have deduced, I just say I am dumb, that puts the problem on me, but it 
really isn't so.

I used to sit and watch the older, slower computers defrag,  I could see the 
changing patters as the boxes were put in order.  it was as entertaining as 
watching a movie to me, but it drove another friend nuts.  He couldn't see the 
purpose.  I couldn't answer him either, but I could predict things from what I 
saw that happened as I predicted.  I would like to be a little more logical 
though, even though for speed's sake visual instruction is a whole lot faster.

Do you remember the tests in school where they had all different versions of 
shapes and you had to figure out which fit in and which could be excluded to 
give you the right answer.  I could answer those tests as fast as I could 
write and always got 100%.  At a glance I saw what fit and what did not fit.

That is my problem about the virus.  You all know so much more than I that I 
cannot argue with you,  But there were a sequence of things that happened one 
after another that breaks the boundaries of logic to be something else.  For 
me it is as clear as noticing the size of the woman's hand.  At a glance so 
much information came together screaming, this has order, this is human 
manipulated, a zillion to one it could be anything else.  I will probably be 
wrong, I am much of the time, but the odds of it not being as I think go 
beyond logic.

Whatever your faith, Jesus being or not being the CHRIST, using an open book 
test, and by that I mean he had all the answers in advance and all he had to 
do is do the things on the list to be the CHRIST.  It seems like anyone could 
fulfill prophecy if they knew in advance the things they do to qualify, but 
Prophecy said he would be born in Bethlehem, what? a village of a couple 
hundred people, a thing he had fulfill do as he was being born.  That one 
condition of prophecy eliminated almost everyone.  I won't go on, because 
religion can anger people,  But if you just think about that one little bit of 
prophecy, of which he performed 431 known fulfillments of prophecy eliminated 
almost all of the Jewish population by the single act.  That is the way my 
mind receives informations, huge globs of stuff that either make sense or 
don't.  It is images of harmony and or balance.  If it looks like too much is 
on the right for balance, I immediately see that, so you have to add something 
to the left to put it back in balance, or hang the painting with the right 
side lower than the left, and even then it comes into balance even though it 
doesn't look like everything esle in the room.

The more I learn about computers, the more I see the necessity for balance.  
When computers become gasses with circuits on particles of vapor, harmony and 
balance is what will make them work, not pragmatic calculations.  Magnatism, 
heat, things like that will determine their function.  I can't remember the 
particle, but let's call it a quark just because they exist.  But the particle 
I am thinking of is everywhere at the exact same time, it is moving so fast.  
At the point transistors are made that small computers will answer questions 
almost before they are asked.  You won't have time to click a mouse.  And beam 
me up, Scottie will be a reality.

Please try to believe that I try to do as told.  I am never lazy or stubborn, 
nothing you might expect, I am simply unable to SEE what you are trying to 
tell me.  You are precious to me my friend, I hope I don't frustrate you too 

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