Is there virus removal software for Jaunty KDE

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Tue Jun 16 20:28:37 UTC 2009

On Monday 15 June 2009 06:05:46 am David McGlone wrote:
> On Monday 15 June 2009 04:08:10 am Steven Vollom wrote:
> > > But I agree with everyone else.  Your problem is one of configuration.
> > > Probably you have several different things misconfigured, including, by
> > > the sound of it, your router.
> >
> > It may be the router, but I have been using the router like a hub, not
> > for the purpose intended.  I don't have any of the former passwords, and
> > can't remember how it was set up when it worked wirelessly.  But when I
> > just used it like a hub and used cable to connect both my laptop and the
> > desktop, it gave me internet and email, and that is what I used it for. 
> > Nothing else.
> I don't know if I should mention this or not but here goes
> Steven, Keep this in mind for the future, please don't try it yet, it may
> only add to your problems. There is a small button on your router either on
> the back of it or the front, maybe even the bottom, that you can only push
> it with a sharp pencil or a pin. If you hold this button in for about 5 -
> 10 seconds it will reset your router to the manufacturers default settings.
> > Just so you know this as of this minute, if I connect the broken computer
> > to the Modem it still doesn't work.  If I do the same with the laptop it
> > works. Don't know if that is useful, but it is the case.
> --
> Blessings,
> David M.

I have done that before in an attempt to reset it.  I just don't know how to 
follow the instructions to set it up properly.  I don't think you guys can 
understand, but the way a computer experts communicate with other experts 
doesn't work when teaching or instructing a right-brained person like me.

I do know the button you are talking about, but I still don't understand how 
the router can have anything to do with the problem.  Throughout this problem, 
I have been doing all my tests through the modem, not the router.  Early in 
the problem someone said the router not properly configured or defective, so I 
removed it.  I don't need a router to connect to the Internet; it is only when 
I want more than one computer connected at a time that it becomes necessary.

All the failures and successes have been achieved with a direct modem 
connection.  What I call the infected box always fails, however the infected 
box works fine when using the Live CD.  And of course, the laptop seems to keep 
trucking along and stable.

So many different people working the problem sometimes confuses me.  Some don't 
think I know the difference between the router and the modem.  I understand 
because I am hopelessly stupid, but when I strongly affirm anything, I am in the 
loup and understand, and I understand the difference between those two hardware 
items and their differing functions too.

Clay helped me with another problem yesterday.  He is such a great guy, 
because I got a little curt with him in one email.  I wish I hadn't, but 
sometimes I prove my lack of wisdom.  In any event, I wanted to know how to 
use the command line to divide some large avi files.  After several emails 
trying to find the right GUI for me, he responded, and after I sent him the 
curt email.

In a brief example he did what a right-brained person needs to learn, made an 
example.  I just glanced at it and was totally instructed.  I immediately 
split a long avi file followed by 4 more successes.  I even remembered all the 
steps, because I had what I needed, a visual picture of the solution.

I can't tell you how grateful I was for his instruction.   I read the man 
pages several time to learn similar stuff and never had a clue when finished.  
It is why I still think, deep in the recesses of my mind, that I may have a 
virus.  Half dozed things happened in succession that gave me my insite.  I 
hope I am wrong, because there are so many much brighter in absolute 
opposition to my thought.  It just wouldn't be right for the weak link to win 
over such a mass of real talent.  Shoot, I will probably prove wrong anyway, 
but I won't be convinced until the problem is solved.

I actually am really enjoying this problem; I am learning a lot, thinking in 
areas I haven't thought about yet, and in regular contact with a bunch of 
people I just plain love.  What could make things better.  The solution will 
probably be a let down.  I always enjoy hearing from you, my very good friend.

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