Connecting from Live CD

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at
Tue Jun 16 18:44:12 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 16 Jun 2009 18:46:28 Steven Vollom wrote:
> I forget who posted, sorry, but I was asked to try to connect to the Internet 
> and kmail using the live CD, since my computer would not connect from the 
> installed Jaunty application.  If this gets through, I am connected using 
> Jaunty Live CD.  Thanks!
> Steven
It wasn't me who asked but that's Great!

I've had an idea. Try something else. Connect your broken computer to your modem and boot it from the hard disc (not the live CD).

Make sure KMail is not running.

Find the following files and *move* them somewhere (for example into /home/steven):
(If you're using Dolphin you will have to enable View->Show Hidden Files from the menu to find the .kmail folder)
If you can't find all 3, don't worry, just make sure to move the ones that do exist.

Also find the following directory and *move* that as well (DON'T delete it, you will need it later):

Now start KMail again. You will have to reconfigure it but I think you're getting quite good at that :) You will notice all your old email has also gone, but that's why you moved the folder and didn't delete it.

Try sending another email and see if it works. I'm working on the guess that your kmail configuration is corrupt. This will remove it and allow you to recreate it. If it sorts out the problem then we'll work on getting your saved email back. If it doesn't work, put the files and the folder back where they started from and we'll have another think.


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