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> I've turned Compiz off, for now I just want a flat, plain desktop while I
> figure out where everything is.

I used Compiz with KDE 3.5 but I found everything I use everyday in Kwin.  
Open System Settings, go into Desktop and play with things under the 'All 
Effects' tab.  The only thing that took me more than a few times of use to get 
used to is spinning the desktop cube.  Ctrl-Alt-Right/Left Arrow cannot be 
bound to the right/left spin.  But you can bind one of those and then use the 
right/left arrow to spin it (at least in KDE 4.2.4).  You can also set the 
activate of the cube spin to a desktop edge and just use the mouse to do it.

You actually can bind Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right to the desktop switch, but you need to configure it in the global KDE shortcuts:
System settings->Keyboard Shortcuts->"switch one desktop to the right" or something similar. It will activate the desktop cube if it is set as the default effect for switching desktops.

Having different wallpapers would surely be a useful feature, in fact it was one of the reasons why I chose KDE over Gnome some years back...


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