KDE4 Multiple Desktops

Alan Dacey Sr. Grokit at ajinfosearch.com
Mon Jun 15 22:40:57 UTC 2009

On Monday 15 June 2009 04:38:46 pm Rob Wright wrote:
> Greetings,
> Just upgraded to Jaunty and KDE4 from Hardy with KDE3. I've been dreading
> the update to KDE4 and my worst fears are confirmed.
> There's a couple of things with multiple desktops that I am really missing
> right now and I'm sure I'm overlooking them but damned if I can figure them
> out. These are somethings that I've used for years and really help me work,
> but I'm lost without them. How can I do these things in KDE4?
> 1. Customized desktops. I've always used 4 desktops, for different tasks,
> to help me keep everything organized. I could very quickly get a mental
> hold of where I was and what I was doing just by wallpaper/color on the
> desktop, and the buttons on the taskbar. Now, they're all the same. How can
> I set a different background for each desktop? As part of that, how do I
> set my taskbar to only show the apps that are associated with that desktop,
> a beautiful feature from 3.5.

No different backgrounds yet.  From what I have heard it is coming soon.

> 2. Focus follows mouse. I've now got to click in a window, raising it, in
> order to input. Before I could just put the mouse over the window and use
> it, how can I set this?
> 3. Fonts in Kmail, I can barely read my messages list or message body. I've
> tried adjusting the font settings in the Settings/Configure, but nothing I
> try seems to actually be used by the system.

I also had a problem with the default font, something like 2 pixels high.  I 
changed it in Settings-->Configure Kmail-->Appearance  'Fonts' tab.  If I 
remember correctly, after I rebooted/restarted kdm all the fonts went to the 
correct default size in all of Kontact.  Did you try that?

> I've turned Compiz off, for now I just want a flat, plain desktop while I
> figure out where everything is.

I used Compiz with KDE 3.5 but I found everything I use everyday in Kwin.  
Open System Settings, go into Desktop and play with things under the 'All 
Effects' tab.  The only thing that took me more than a few times of use to get 
used to is spinning the desktop cube.  Ctrl-Alt-Right/Left Arrow cannot be 
bound to the right/left spin.  But you can bind one of those and then use the 
right/left arrow to spin it (at least in KDE 4.2.4).  You can also set the 
activate of the cube spin to a desktop edge and just use the mouse to do it.

> I appreciate the work and effort that's gone into the KDE4 and some of the
> special effects are pretty cool, but there's just enough basic stuff
> missing that it feels incomplete and unusable for me.

That may be true, but give it a try for a little while and then make a 
decision again.  Many things are there, just a little different: hopefully all 
of the stuff you are used to.  
I found it to grow on me (and not like a fungus! :) ) pretty quickly.

> Thanks for any help or advice,
> Rob Wright
> debianrob at poncacity.net


No, it IS the rabbit.

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