command for downloading a package to save

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at
Mon Jun 15 14:47:55 UTC 2009


What, if any, programs did you install just before the problem started.??

I know you were working on e-Sword just before but did you install 
_ANYTHING_ other than that?

I may not be the sharpest tack in the box but from what little I know 
about Linux and virii you would have to manually, knowingly, purposely 
install it yourself. [ Someone correct me me if I'm wrong ]

Steps to install a virus: [ presupposing there is a Linux virus out 
there to install ]

1) Download virus
2) navigate to where virus is and make the file executable
3) Execute the file

It's the manual nature of the install that makes it nearly impossible to 
get a virus onto a linux system. On Windows systems the user is 
continuously in "root" [ admin mode ]. Virus writers can exploit this 
and have things that install without the users knowledge. So far this 
can't be done in Linux. [ unless your running your system in admin mode 
at the time ]

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