command for downloading a package to save

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Mon Jun 15 06:50:38 BST 2009

Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Sunday 14 June 2009 20:37:07 Eberhard Roloff wrote:
>> After you return from your break, please issue this command
>> on your laptop:
>> sudo ifconfig
>> usually, one of the interfaces will have an address
>> beginning with 192.168.x.y
> Eberhard -
> Stephen said that he cannot connect through his router, but only directly 
> through his DSL modem.  If this is correct, and if the term DSL modem means 
> the same thing his side of the pond as it does here (by no means a forgone 
> conclusion), his laptop must be connecting directly with his ISP, probably 
> with a dynamic IP, and it is not going to tell us anything about his network.
> Lisi
thanks much. I technically agree, since your conclusions are 
perfectly right.

I simply cannot imagine that Steven installed ppoe to 
directly use the modem.;-) So I placed a bet on him using 
the "router", when saying he was using the "modem", whatever 
that means.

Kind regards

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