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David McGlone david at
Mon Jun 15 01:37:11 UTC 2009

On Sunday 14 June 2009 05:17:09 pm Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Sunday 14 June 2009 20:37:07 Eberhard Roloff wrote:
> > After you return from your break, please issue this command
> > on your laptop:
> > sudo ifconfig
> >
> > usually, one of the interfaces will have an address
> > beginning with 192.168.x.y
> Eberhard -
> Stephen said that he cannot connect through his router, but only directly
> through his DSL modem.  If this is correct, and if the term DSL modem means
> the same thing his side of the pond as it does here (by no means a forgone
> conclusion), his laptop must be connecting directly with his ISP, probably
> with a dynamic IP, and it is not going to tell us anything about his
> network.

It might not reveal much, but it will give us a starting point. It'll help us 
figure out whether he is calling his modem a router or he actually has a 

I used to think the way you do, and I failed the A+ Cert 1 time because of 
that thinking.

After 10 years, I learned to start with the most simplest of problems and work 
your way up.

A perfect example, last year I got a computer in for repair, I tried turning 
it on  No fan, no lights, zilch, Nada. My first reaction was the power supply, 
so I drive 25 minutes to get a new power supply, popped it in and still got 
zilch, no power, no lights. I assumed they sold me a bad power supply so I 
returned it, popped in the new one an hour later, still Nada.

Finally I took the faceplate to check the wiring to the power button and found 
that the plastic "stem" on the power button that pushes the button on the 
chassis was broken!

So I put the original power supply back in and returned the brand new one once 
again, replaced the power button on the case and the computer is still working 
to this day.

David M.

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