upgrade 8.04 -> 9.04+kde3: how?

Muzer muzerakascooby at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 15:46:19 UTC 2009

Chris Jones wrote:
>> I would be willing to bet that baring unforeseen catastrophes KDE 3.x
>> will still run twenty years from now. I have one old laptop that still
>> has DOS 6.2/Windows 3.1 and works just great. My old TRS80, TI-99-4A  
>> and
>> CoCo still work also.
> You won't be able to run KDE 3.X 20 years from now on the new machines  
> available then. Bet you won't have much luck installing DOS6.2/Win3.1  
> on new machine now ...
While I agree with your statement about KDE 3.X not running 20 years 
from now, most modern systems will take DOS/Win3.1 fine. The processor 
of today is still binary compatible, the graphics card of today still 
supports the same graphics mode as was the standard then, and the floppy 
drive controller has not changed (other than with some BIOSes the 
removal of support for 2 drives). Today's sound cards are 
soundblaster-compatible. I suppose the only difficulties would be 
network support, and if you lack an IDE HDD, that would be a problem as 
> Yeah, if someone has in 20 years time a 20 year on machine, they will  
> still be able to run 20 year on software. Doesn't prove much...
> Chris

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