upgrade 8.04 -> 9.04+kde3: how?

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Sun Jun 14 14:08:57 UTC 2009

Ian L. Target wrote:
> Billie Erin Walsh wrote:
>> <snipped>
>> If I could give one piece of advice for KDE users it would be to learn 
>> to work _WITH_ KDE 4.x and quit moaning and groaning about the loss of 
>> KDE 3.x. 
> Lost?  It isn't lost.  It is right here on my computer!  Yes, eventually
> it will fall by the wayside, but Christ Almighty, people talk like it
> has just disappeared.  It will be around for a least a couple of years
> or so.
> I am with you about the "moaning and groaning" part though.  I tried KDE
> 4.x.x, didn't like it, switched back.  I'll use 3.5.10 until . . .
> whenever.  I have no intention of working "with" KDE 4.x.x for a while. 
> No one is being forced to use KDE 4.x.x so I can't really understand why
> there is so much whining.
> $0.02 (US currency)

I would be willing to bet that baring unforeseen catastrophes KDE 3.x 
will still run twenty years from now. I have one old laptop that still 
has DOS 6.2/Windows 3.1 and works just great. My old TRS80, TI-99-4A and 
CoCo still work also.

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