upgrade 8.04 -> 9.04+kde3: how?

Goh Lip g.lip at gmx.com
Sun Jun 14 04:55:48 UTC 2009

Billie Erin Walsh wrote:

> This will probably get me in trouble but...........
> Have you ever thought of using the file manager to work with your files 
> and folders and not a web browser?
> On the task bar there is this nice looking folder with a yellow star on 
> it. It's one little gizmo I've come to like a _LOT_. With it I can 
> navigate to any file or folder I want to open [ well, almost any ]. It's 
> a neat little thing called "Quick Access". I can open files and folders 
> or just launch the file manager [ Dolphin ] where I want it to open 
> without having to navigate so much.
> As I understand the plan for the future Konqueror is not going to be the 
> swiss army knife of KDE any longer. It's future is to be a better web 
> web browser. It's something people are just going to have to live with 
> or change desktops. Much like all the changes from KDE 3.5.10 to KDE 
> 4.x. I can't say I'm particularly crazy about it but as I learn to work 
> _with_it_ and not _against_it_ KDE 4.x is becoming much easier to live 
> with.
> If I could give one piece of advice for KDE users it would be to learn 
> to work _WITH_ KDE 4.x and quit moaning and groaning about the loss of 
> KDE 3.x. Once you learn to work _WITH_ KDE 4.x you can do just about 
> anything you could do in KDE 3.x. As KDE 4.x matures I feel like most 
> people will get over it. When KDE 5.x comes along they will moan and 
> groan over the loss of KDE 4.x.
> Asi es la vida!

Funny, I was reading this on my hardy kde 3.5.10 and I am replying from 
it. My 2 cents (in my currency) take on this is that we all owe the 
things we are enjoying to the developers who dare to do something 
different and people who give feedback through bug reports and 'whine 
about it'. Of course, there are many things broken or not so good when 
we change to a newer system (that's why I am on hardy to do things that 
karmic kde 4.3 is messed up currently). Naturally, we also like things 
to work well.

One good example of things that messed me up is the newer grub2 and I 
have to redo my '1st grub' dedicated partition which is in grub legacy.
But I don't mind as I know grub2 has better control and accuracy. Grub2 
is still in development, has lots of flaws now and messed me up. But I 
think it's good they are moving to this direction.

One of the beauty of Linux generally is that we are pampered beyond 
belief; we can choose from an array of things and tweak it to our own 
satisfaction. And it's free (like beer and freedom). So it sometimes 
upsets me when some people, a very small minority, I must add, thinks 
they are owed an explanation or help and call us morons when all we are 
doing is voluntary, out of goodwill and it's fun.

So, I guess 'do what you're happy with' and let others 'do what they are 
happy with'.

Thanks to Dotan, Willie and many others to take the time to triage and 
file reports.

ps: I soft-link my many files in Hardy /home and my Karmic /home with my 
/Data home. Is there a difference with symbolic-link or are they the same?

Goh Lip

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