KDE4 speed impressions.

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 18:01:53 UTC 2009

> i agree here too, the *little* things are what matter to the end-user,
> we don't notice the HUGE smart engines working in the background to
> ensure we get the desired effects in front of us. i have a very decent,
> even powerful, computer, but i can't help but notice how dolphin acts as
> if struggling to do what i ordered it to do, CPU consumption is not high
> at all, memory is very relaxed, dolphin in fact is NOT struggling at
> all, but for the eye, it looks as if it is. the dragging is slow, when
> selecting few files, it waits a split second to mark them selected,
> maybe it's waiting to see if i'll change the selection or reconsider, i
> don't know, but this split second wasn't there in KDE3.

Thank,s Willy, I can confirm that now. Please post what you wrote
verbatim into this bug:
Dolphin sluggish on rubberband drag

> the other issue i have, is the disabling of desktop effects. ok, the
> system is blazing faster, but seriously now, it's horrible. and i mean
> REAL horrible, maybe horrible is even an understatement, it's FUGLY.
> i have spent more than half my time on KDE3 with no desktop effects, no
> compiz no nothing, and it was a decent looking DE. in KDE4, disable
> effects or any composite manager, and minimize/restore windows, they
> just disappear and appear, i hate to say it, but windows 95 minimzed
> windows in amuch nicer way than that.

Please comment here:
Please add simple windowing effects for non-composting users

> then the issue with the
> taskmanager and kwin. i already have a bug about it in bugs.kde.org, Bug
> 187358. just read the couple of comments on it, the last 2 describe it
> accurately, and very unreproducable.

I will triage that, thanks!

> the memory leaks are even
> worse everywhere.

Memory leaks? Please file bugs on those!

Dotan Cohen


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