KDE4 speed impressions.

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 09:35:11 UTC 2009

> I hate to feed a rant (8.04->9.04+kde3 thread), but my experience is the same.
> KDE4 *feels* much slower. I know these things are subjective, but that's what
> it feels like to me.

Subjective perceptions are important, nobody sits at the computer with
a stopwatch.

> Konqphin is much slower. Scrolling down a list is hard to do. Drag and drop is
> messy and hit and miss in ways too subtle to describe or screen-shot (hence
> lack of bug reports from me).

Konqphin :)

Please spend some time on the drag / drop problem, to make steps to
reproduce. I have not noticed any problem, but if you can identify
where KDE 4 behaviour differs from KDE 3 or from generally accepted
behaviour, I'd like to hear about it. It is the subtle bugs that make
the difference between a decent DE and a great one. We are in danger
of losing those subtle features of KDE 3 that made it so great. It is
the KDE 3 holdouts like yourself who are perceptive enough to notice

> Windows redraw with visible flickering and shearing. It's better without window
> effects enabled, but then other stuff goes horribly wrong (like plasma 'holes'
> and very slow changing between desktops).

Those are mostly Kubuntu problems, not KDE problems. And the devs are
ignoring them, as usual. That said, send to me screenshots or
reproduction instructions and I'll file them.

> Kmail is much slower - pausing to popup little boxes I can't turn off. Pausing
> on every message I click for up to five seconds before it renders and then
> another pause before I can scroll down and read it.

I cannot reproduce this. Can you post a screenshot of those little
boxes? Does the pausing occur on all messages? This sounds serious,
and Kmail is a flagship application.

> I am on the 64bit version of Kubuntu -- after years of 32bit. I expected a
> large speed increase from that alone. I remember running the live CD of Gutsy
> Gibbon 64 a few years ago and being blown away by the responsiveness of the
> GUI. Windows moved and resized like glass gliding on silicon! I wanted that
> kind of zip/zap this time round.

Oh, no, the 64 bit version is not good. I've tried moving to 64 bit
every version since Feisty. The problems are mostly confined to video
problems and speed issues at the moment, which seems to reflect at
least partially your experiences. What I do is test 64 it, file bugs
so that the devs could improve it, then use 32 bit for my daily

> So, yes -- I have KDE4.2.x running now. It doesn't suck as hard as the install
> of Jaunty did. I have tweaked my way around stuff. It's still better than Gnome
> :) and I really really want the future to catch-up with the recent past.

You might want to try the KDE 4.2.4 PPA:

It has lots of enhancements, and only one major regression that I've
found (Kaddressbook issue, already fixed in Trunk).

By the way, please CC me on all KDE-complaint threads, so that I won't
miss them. If you'd really like to help, you can forward to me the
ones that I do miss. Thanks!

Dotan Cohen


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