Ark and office 2007 files

Donn donn.ingle at
Fri Jun 12 13:47:38 UTC 2009

On Friday, 12 June 2009 13:34:32 O. Sinclair wrote:
> At present they open in Konqueror cause Konqi asks for application to
> use. Every time... no way to make it permanent. In Dolphin they are
> "unzipped" whatever I try.
I don't see you having gone into kcontrol anywhere there.
I don't have KDE 3.5 anymore, but you need to go into kcontrol-> File 
associations (I think it's called). Search for your extensions and then edit 
them. Look at the application preference order -- make sure OOffice (or 
whatever) is in the list and at the top. You can also remove things like Ark.
After that, apply and you should be further along.

(Also look at the 'embedding' tab -- you might want to remove or change apps 
in there.)

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Font manager :

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