Make Error WAS: configure error

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Jun 10 18:35:21 UTC 2009

Michael wrote:
> The next issue comes when trying to use the make command.  I get a
> [connectingplayer.o] Error 1 and an [all-recursive] Error 1 and a
> [all] Error 2.  After looking at the man pages for make
> (specifically, the exit error codes) and googling make error 1 or
> make error 2, none of the resulting pages give me anything  that I
> can grasp.  Googling "[connectingplayer.o] make error 1" isn't much
> better.  It actually gives me Windows related stuff.

Can you post the exact error message (copy & paste from the terminal) 
including a few lines before the message? OTOH, you could try to contact 
the developer of the program because he might know what the problem is.


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