smb4k problem

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Wed Jun 10 06:16:05 UTC 2009

pkaplan1 at wrote:
> I set up a new machine on an existing AD network at work (I'm not the AD 
> admin).  On prior machines using smb4k (v <0.9.x), after selecting a 
> book mark with a valid server/file share, I would get a dialog asking 
> for my username (domain/user) and network password.  After entering the 
> share would mount under ~/smb4k/.  I could also access the shares using 
> smb://<server/file share> in konqueror (it then asks for username and 
> password).
> In the Jaunty install (which uses smb4k 0.10.2), all attempts to access 
> the shares through bookmarks are met with fileshare permission errors 
> without the option to first enter username/password.  However, I can 
> still get to the shares through smb://.
> Any thoughts on what I've got config'd wrong or is this a regression?
> Paul
Hi, am still on smb4k <0.9 - what parameters would you have on a 
bookmark with "valid server/sharename"? I have never tried this and it 
seems very useful


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