**Resolved** Re: Wine Install **Thanks to all**

Goh Lip g.lip at gmx.com
Wed Jun 10 02:21:48 UTC 2009

Billie Erin Walsh wrote:

> Sometimes when something is kicking your butt it is best to just walk 
> away for a few minutes. Go watch a movie on TV or something else for a 
> while.
> Many years ago when I was in school I completely rebuilt the distributor 
> on my car. Afterwards the darn thing ran great up to about 35 and then 
> just fell on it's face. I tore my hair out for two days trying to figure 
> out what was wrong. One morning I jumped straight up out of bed at about 
> 5AM, jerked on some clothes and ran out to the car. Took off the 
> distributer and flipped over the mechanical advance weights and put 
> everything back. I had installed them backwards by accident when I 
> overhauled it. For two day I had thought of virtually nothing else but 
> that darned distributor. Once I forgot all about it the answer hit me 
> like a flash of lightening.

Hah, that's nothing!
Once when I was in school, eons ago, I modified the carburettor of my 
motobike to improve airflow, tinkered with it and fixed it back. The 
darn bike won't start and spent many hours over 2 days to try to remedy.
I gave up and pushed the bike about 3 miles to the mechanic with a 
sheepish "I messed up". The mechanic gave the bike a once over and put 
gas in the tank and the darn bike started with a hearty roar.

> When your up against the wall you can't see anything except the brick 
> right in front of your nose. Step back and you can see the wall better. 
> A new perspective is a good thing sometimes.

So, I disagree, when you can't see anything but the brick wall, go see 
your mechanic!

Goh Lip

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