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Tue Jun 9 21:20:10 UTC 2009

I set up a new machine on an existing AD network at work (I'm not the AD admin). On prior machines using smb4k (v <0.9.x), after selecting a book mark with a valid server/file share, I would get a dialog asking for my username (domain/user) and network password. After entering the share would mount under ~/smb4k/. I could also access the shares using smb://<server/file share> in konqueror (it then asks for username and password). 

In the Jaunty install (which uses smb4k 0.10.2), all attempts to access the shares through bookmarks are met with fileshare permission errors without the option to first enter username/password. However, I can still get to the shares through smb://. 

Any thoughts on what I've got config'd wrong or is this a regression? 

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