Easy way to install e-Sword through wine

steven vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 8 16:16:38 BST 2009

On Monday 08 June 2009 02:42:17 pm Willy K. Hamra wrote:
> steven vollom wrote:
> > On Monday 08 June 2009 06:46:30 am David Kuntadi wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> Long ago, I have started using e-Sword on linux. But it requires some
> >> tweaks that I could not find on internet. As such, I have made some
> >> experiment and make work perfectly. At first I share the steps to do
> >> it, but many people having difficulties to follow it and I have to
> >> spend time to guide them slowly. In order to make it easier, I make an
> >> installation script so that people want to install e-Sword on linux
> >> just need to point and click, and viola, it works perfectly.
> >>
> >> Using that installer, it is even easier to install e-Sword on linux
> >> than on microsoft windows. I have put up a backup and restore function
> >> as well, to save all your work in case you need it. I have also make a
> >> script to create e-Sword portable running on usb, on any computer
> >> running linux.
> >>
> >> Please check out in ubuntuforums below:
> >>
> >> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=404042
> >>
> >> I just updated the script to run latest e-Sword ( version 9.0.3).
> >>
> >> Please let me know if any of you need more help.
> >>
> >> DK
> >
> > I am so excited David.  When I went to the link you provided, I attempted
> > to install wine using the suggested code on the page.  I copy and pasted
> > the code just to be sure.  It printed numbers instead of what I copied,
> > but I expect that is what you had in mind.  Nonetheless, here is the
> > reply in the konsole:
> >
> > steven at Yeshua:~$ kdesudo apt-get install 08666851
> >
> > Reading package lists...
> > Building dependency tree...
> > Reading state information...
> > E: Couldn't find package 08666851
> > steven at Yeshua:~$ sudo apt-get install 08666851
> > [sudo] password for steven:
> > Reading package lists... Done
> > Building dependency tree
> > Reading state information... Done
> > E: Couldn't find package 08666851
> > steven at Yeshua:~$
> >
> > Recently I have been advised to use kdesudo instead of sudo; that is the
> > reason for the 2 attempts.  I love e-Sword and have installed it many
> > times, but it has always been a problem for me.  Consequently, I wanted
> > to check with you before I proceed so I don't screw up again.  Thanks for
> > your thoughtful work on this application; I am anxious to use it.
> >
> > Blessings,
> > Steven
> where in all the pae do you see the instruction
> apt-get install 08666851
> ??????
When I copy and paste the entry shown, it enters in the command as the number, 
not what is printed on the web page.  A box entitled Code: With an address 
inside the box to install Wine.  A similar thing happened when I copied the 
Ritchey key.  The title of the download was Jaunty Jackelope, but when you 
clicked to save it, it went into the Authentication tab as the Ritchey key 
appropriately worded.

When I clicked on "Click this link" I get a Security Warning first that says:  
This untrusted page links to apt://wine.  Do you want to follow the link?  I 
clicked on 'Follow'.  When I did, the next warning came on screen saying:  
Error _ Konqueror, Protocol not supported apt.  I clicked on 'OK' and the 
screen returned to the 'ckick this link' page.

That is where I stopped.  I am not going to go past a block in the procedure 
created by someone other than me.  I am not experimenting at all.  I have 
accurately described every step so far including this response.  I have 
duplicated my steps to make sure I did not forget anything.


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