Easy way to install e-Sword through wine

steven vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 9 13:48:23 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 09 June 2009 08:06:47 am David McGlone wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 June 2009 02:20:49 am Eberhard Roloff wrote:
> > steven vollom wrote:
> > > I stepped away from the computer and had a conversation with a
> > > neighbor. When I came back to the computer, I could see what I was
> > > missing before. I got to the point of confidence and went ahead and
> > > continued the instruction.  Wine is now installed, and I am comfortable
> > > that it is installed properly version 1.0.1, the stable version, not
> > > the Beta.  I went back to his instruction and continued.  After
> > > installing the Installer, I Extracted  and his script was in Kate.  I
> > > checked the box making it executable and noticed that ownership was
> > > steven steven, which was encouraging, but now I am unsure of what to do
> > > next.
> > >
> > > Do I download e-Sword now?  When it is downloaded, do I just click on
> > > the .exe and does the installer take over?  Then, are the missing dll's
> > > installed already so that I don't have to do that?  Is there a source
> > > for the bbl files, or do I just use my CD?  Should I add font
> > > smoothing? Thanks for any reply.
> >
> > Steven,
> > as David pointed out, wine version 1.0.1 is to old. See his answer on
> > how to upgrade wine to the latest version.
> >
> > After wine is done, the whole purpose of Davids script is to simplify
> > the e-sword installation on wine.
> >
> > So you do it like this:
> > -Install the latest wine
> > -Download Davids script and execute it according to the forum page
> > The installer will download and install e-sword and all the additional
> > things that are required to make it work.
> > -you are done
> >
> > -if fonts are looking ugly, you can then download Davids fontsmoother
> > script and this will do the rest for you.
> >
> > On another note:
> > What is it that makes you e-sword junkies so unhappy with KDE's
> > bibletime? I always thought that wine was the last possibility when
> > there is no decent Linux application to do the job. In contrast,
> > bibletime works simply great imho.
> I agree. I use Bibletime and It works just as good as e-sword.
> --
> Blessings,
> David M.
> http://www.dmcentral.net
Does it have the Good News Bible translation?  Does it have a highlight 
feature, and can I increase the print size on the screen.  Does it have the 
underline feature.

Usually I read the bible cover to cover in about 2 months.  I have been doing 
a research project that used the mentioned features, other than increased 
print size, and I just like that.  When I click on the magnifying glass on the 
e-Sword panel, the print increases to about 14.  This is just plain pleasant 
and makes the reading more enjoyable.  I could live without that feature, but 
I would have to discard years of note taking to make a change that would not 
allow highlight and underline.

If you were to have a bible with my highlighting, every time you saw the color 
pale purple, you would know it was where GOD made miracle or showed HIMSELF 
physically.  A prophet's words and then the confirmed action would be in a 
certain color.  The words of the Lord are highlighted in pale red.  A sin of 
idolatry shows in its color.  Lying and it's result in its color.  And many 
others.  Many times when I used to read, one of these features would go more 
or less unnoticed, because of the amount of occurrence.  Now when I read, I 
see the patience of GOD by HIS slow reaction to sin that HE hates.

When I talk about these things with another and he wants to know why it is 
such a big deal, I can show them, first how GOD punishes certain types of sin, 
then how often it takes for HIM to execute judgment.

The whole old testament is filled with idolatry which ends in the wrath of GOD.  
Homosexual crimes are dealt with more severely than other sins too, it seems.  
All these things that I preserve keep me focused on how to improve myself in 
the service of GOD.  I love HIM with all my heart, yet still I knowingly screw 
up.  But with my reminders in scripture, it doesn't happen so often any more.

Additionally I have a couple of children who don't necessarily see the import 
of some of these things.  Most sins have become so ordinary in the lives of 
humanity, people take them for granted.  I like to have them see and 
understand how serious some of these matters are in the mind of GOD.  As kind 
and forgiving as HE is and can be, HE is also Holy and cannot violate 

GOD first, then my family, which includes you, and then computers.  My 


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