KDE messed up on update from Hardy to Jaunty

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On Monday 08 June 2009 14:59:34 Terrell Prude' Jr. wrote:
> Lisi Reisz wrote:
> > Someone whose computer I administer has updated directly from Hardy to
> > Jaunty. He now cannot log-on to KDE.  The process starts and then hangs. 
> > Presumably this is to do with the change from 3.5.x to 4.x.x.
> >
> > I would prefer solve this without reinstalling as he has no back-up.
> >
> > All suggestions welcomed!
> By "the process", do you mean that the login screen doesn't show up, or
> that he gets the desktop but then it quits, or that he can enter in his
> userID/passwd and then he immediately gets kicked out--what, more
> precisely, are we talking about here?

The GUI login screen opens, but when the correct password is entered the 
system hangs.  From the CLI, after a successful login, I type startx, enter, 
and KDE starts to open, but then the system hangs.

It is definitely KDE, because I have installed xfce4, and there are no 
apparent problems.

There are now problems with sound, so I may reinstall after all, as Ubuntu, to 
get pulse-audio instead.  But I shall try to purge phonon and install 
pulse-audio before I do anything that drastic.


does your ~/.xsession_errors report anything useful after the KDE hang?
Also note that renaming the .kde directory is not always sufficient because the directory contains symbolic links to /var/. If you rename .kde, those symbolic links will be regenerated during the KDE start-up, while the actual data in /var/ stays intact.

I had to rename the linked items in /var/, too, with the consequence that I lost almost all of my KDE settings, but was able to log in.


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