RESOLVED - Re: Sound problem,

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at
Sun Jun 7 16:44:47 BST 2009

Billie Erin Walsh wrote:
> Kubuntu 9.04-64/KDE4.2.2
> I can play movies and videos on the computer and the sound works just 
> fine. But, when watching something like youtube the sound won't work 
> properly. The sound is choppy and stuttery is the best I can describe it.
> Is there someplace like "My Computer" that lists all the hardware etc. 
> on the computer? I'm not sure what sound is on the mother board. I 
> suspect something from ATI but.......  I also suspect that there is a 
> CLI command something along the lines of "ls" something that might show 
> the sound card. Whatever works.I mostly need to find out if the proper 
> drivers are installed. I _think_ they are because in cases of local 
> video the sound is fine.
> I don't believe it's an internet connection problem. My ISP is more like 
> a fire hose than a garden hose. 1.5meg bandwidth. I routinely, if the 
> server I'm downloading from can take it, get 230/250 kb/s download 
> speeds. Once in a while even better.

It now seems to be working just fine. I downloaded the 64 bit _ALPHA_ of 
the plugin and now I can watch flash type videos with sound.

Dig around long enough on Adobe and you can find it.

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