Fish & SSH

Eric ejazzkatt at
Sat Jun 6 16:29:09 BST 2009

Muzer wrote:
> Eric wrote:
>> I just asked this same question on the Kubuntu Forum.
>> I Have PcLinuxOS on my laptop and Kubuntu 9.04 on my desktop computer. 
>>  From Kubuntu I was able to connect with my laptop using fish. I have 
>> not been able to connect to the computer with Kubuntu installed using 
>> fish in either konq or Krusader. When I tried to use Kssh, the window 
>> opened for a flash and then it closed. I was able to connect with Putty. 
>> I would rather use fish. Any idea what the problem is?
>> Eric
> Fish should only really be used when sftp is not available (which is 
> faster and more reliable). You should set up sftp on your Kubuntu system.

Thanks for the tip. I just tried using sftp through Krusader. It 
connected immediately. Still, I'm curious why fish wouldn't work. Do you 
have any idea?

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