Is it possible to change the mount points without formatting the drive or reinstalling the OS?

David McGlone david at
Sun Jun 7 04:10:03 UTC 2009

On Saturday 06 June 2009 04:50:45 pm steven vollom wrote:
> Due to an emergency this morning,  I had to reinstall my OS.  I wasn't
> aware that I had to rename the mount points on my partitions when
> reinstalling; apparently I do.  I expected them to stay as they were
> before, because I was only working with the boot partition.
> Currently the computer renamed them as /media/disk, /media/disk1, and
> /media/disk2.  This has caused me problems in the past, having /media as a
> mount point.  I have reconfigured and restored my computer the way it was
> before the re-installation, with a functioning OS again.  Since all my
> applications are properly configured and the  OS is working perfectly, is
> it possible to change my mount points on the partitions to /home,
> /home/backup, and /home/svpersonal without reinstalling the OS and
> applications again?

Steven, post your fstab file here and I will edit it for you so it will work 
with what you want from above. All you will need to do is make the following 
folders in your /home dir:

backup and svpersonal
David M.

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