kwallet and wireless internet access

Derek Broughton derek at
Tue Jun 2 14:55:20 BST 2009

Pastor JW wrote:

> Yes, it is a terribly annoying and time wasting program responsible for
> many bad words being uttered. 

I can't comment on the bad words, but it certainly isn't a time-wasting 

> I nearly dumped KDE completely over it.  AND to
> be even more annoying, the developers of this program keep hiding the
> controls of the program in different places every new version upgrade.  

No, the kwallet developers didn't do that.

> Once you
> disable it (in 8.04 I had to type "kcontrol" into the "Run Command" in

kcontrol is a completely separate app - and was obsolete already in 8.04.  
The kwalletmanager package does include a file, which is the 
module for kcontrol/System Settings, but it could just as easily be plugged 
into some other program (a kcm-part for konqueror, for instance?).

> order to get a tool to shut it off, but they may have hid it again just to
> INSIST you jump through worthless hoops in order to use KDE on you own
> machine) you can THEN remove it from your machine using Synaptic.

Just removing it via synaptic would have done the job - but then you have to 
jump through a bunch of hoops nicely handled by kwallet.  Heck, we even 
taught Steven how to use Kwallet productively, but it's linux, and you're 
always welcome to do things the hard way if you want.

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