Help, my swap is broken! Solved!

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Mon Jun 1 12:43:35 UTC 2009

On Monday 01 June 2009, Arnaud bourree wrote:
>Can somebody explain interest to have more than one swap partition?

Chuckle, why do you ask?

FWIW, in shuffling drives around for the last install, I wound up with 2 
drives each having a 4GB swap.  No problems, they both work.  I thought about 
disabling one of them, but its the shoemakers kids story, never got around to 
doing it.  So I have 2 swaps totaling 8GB on a machine with 4GB of ram.  
Shrug.  It has never actually used more than 100 megs.

Cheers, Gene
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