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Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones at
Fri Jul 31 17:22:41 UTC 2009

> Hi,

> I just thought of a way to convert the lossy-formatted ones (e. g.  
> WMV, MP3) so that there will be no further fidelity loss.  Consider  
> converting these to FLAC, which is lossless.  The file size will be  
> a bit bigger, but the fidelity will remain.  Pretty much all the  
> SanDisk Sansa devices support FLAC (and Ogg Vorbis, BTW); I have a  
> Sansa Clip that I just love for this reason.

That won't help. You still have two stages of lossy conversion.  
original -> (WMV,MP3, etc) and then flac -> Ogg. The stage  
(WMV,MP3,etc.)->FLAC may not loose anything in itself, but it can't  
gain back what was already lost in the first stage.


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