Can't get wireless to work with kubuntu 9.04

Thomas Olsen tanghus at
Fri Jul 31 17:07:36 UTC 2009

On Friday 31 July 2009 05:52:31 Bruce Bales wrote:
> Greetings -
> Wireless on my laptop with kubuntu 8.04 was not easy.  I had to
> sudo iwconfig ath0 essid bbs key (the wep code)  and then
> sudo dhclient each time I booted up.
> Then I upgraded to kubuntu 9.04 and the iwconfig line no longer works.  The
> iwconfig line gives me "ath0 no such device."
> I tried wlan0, wlan, eth0, ath1 and wlan1 -- same result.
> Wireless was working long enough to install and update 9.04.
> The main page has an icon which says "network management"  Clicking on that
> then  "network connection" then "enable wireless"  then "manage connection"
> gets me nowhere.
> I would greatly appreciate some help on this.
> bruce

Have you tried just "iwconfig" at the cli to see if any wireless interfaces are 

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  Thomas Olsen

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