Nvidia 8200

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 29 02:30:36 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 28 July 2009 03:06:59 pm Bruce Marshall wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 July 2009, Alexander Smirnov wrote:
> > Googling didn't help :( I didn't found any information at nvnews.net
> > either, so I had to move to the nv driver.
> >
> > Any help with nvidia-glx driver is appreciated :)
> Try the envy-ng  package.   It is a package written to install the NV
> drivers and will do all the work and let you pick what it thinks is the
> right one.
> It worked well here on 9.04.   Monitor looks better now than I've ever seen
> it, and that includes hardy, intrepid, and now jaunty.

in Jaunty, I currently use the 180.44 drivers for my 9600 nVidia Gforce.  It 
also works fine with my 8400 nVidia Gforce on board.  Both are running great 
together.  When I installed them, in "Hardware Drivers" it was recommended as 
the appropriate driver for my system.  In application, it is the best video I 
have ever experienced, especially the 3D effects.

This is probably not too helpful, but what Jaunty recommends has been the best 
for my system since Intrepid.


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