Installing Key problem

Frans Ketelaars ketelaars at
Tue Jul 28 10:13:49 UTC 2009

On Mon, 27 Jul 2009 21:16:42 -0400, Steven Vollom wrote:

> On Monday 27 July 2009 12:43:14 pm Jonas Pedersen wrote:


> I keep trying what you recommend, however, I do not get the same
> results.  I still do not see the key mentioned in "Authentication".  I
> get the feeling I am going to have to live with the problem.  That would
> be terrible.  Many needed applications would not work and others would
> not update that have been working in the past.  I am sorry to be so much
> trouble for you, but your last instruction using the CLI should have
> worked.  Does it make a difference that I am using Jaunty kde?

Have you seen Myriam's post: ?

Good luck!


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