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Goh Lip g.lip at
Sun Jul 26 14:54:54 UTC 2009

Billie Erin Walsh wrote:
> Donn wrote:
>> On Sunday, 26 July 2009 10:22:39 Goh Lip wrote:
>>> I am not getting any sound in Firefox, say youtube after reinstalling
>>> karmic alpha3. Video ok. (External) kaffeine sound/video ok. Any ideas?
>> As crummy as this sounds, it's what I have been reduced-to:
>> 0. Start a video streaming in Firefox. Ignore all the facts that you can't see 
>> or hear it playing...
>> 1. Open konsole, go to /tmp
>> 2. ls -cr
>> 3. Look at last few files. They will have names like "Flash28caAD"
>> 4. Try mplayer (or vlc, etc.) on them. The one that plays what you are 
>> streaming is the file for you.
>> 5. When then streaming is done, copy that file to some other place as 
>> mycoolfile.flv and you can then watch it.
>> Both Jaunty and my Hardy laptop (on a recent Firefox update) has stopped 
>> playing Flash. I wish mplayer or vlc could be made to stand-in for flash 
>> plugins. I would ditch it like a ... Flash!
>> \d
> Try the Firefox plugin Download Helper. It will capture most any 
> video/audio stream from Firefox and save it to the directory of your 
> choice. Much easier than digging through the temp folder.
> It puts a small icon next to the address bar that will "rotate" whenever 
> there's a stream for it to download. Click and your given your 
> choice(s). Click the choice and tell it where to put it. Sometimes you 
> have to rename to something that has a meaning. I believe there are even 
> some choices of format but I generally leave them as the default "flv".

Yes, Billie, it is a nice way to get download flash files.
There is another way through cli,
youtube-dl {youtube url}

However only works for actual youtube sites.

goh lip

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