Sound in Firefox -(Resolved)

Goh Lip g.lip at
Sun Jul 26 11:55:23 UTC 2009

Goh Lip wrote:
> I am not getting any sound in Firefox, say youtube after reinstalling 
> karmic alpha3. Video ok. (External) kaffeine sound/video ok. Any ideas?
> Some background info....
> o before reinstallation, no sound problem. (reinstall to clean up some 
> loose ends, like manual mounting, fstab, etc which was inherited from 
> Jaunty bad conversion to kde 4.3; generally nothing major)
> o reread and followed Myriam's earlier email, I think on Intrepid, ie.,
> remove-purge pulseaudio, remove ~/.kde/shared/phonon<sumthing>rc, 
> restart. No difference, still no sound. (I did not have this problem 
> then or needed to use her instructions). Reinstalled pulseaudio.
> o have softlinked .mozilla (and others) from Hardy to Karmic.
> Shouldn't be an issue, right? Definitely didn't softlinked .kde.
> o plays well (sound & video) on firefox in Hardy though. (Same 
> .mozilla). But hardy flash is v9 and Karmic v10. Cannot see why this 
> should be an issue. Prior to reinstallation is also v10.
> o Hardy 64   2.6.24-24, kde 3.5.10
>    Karmic64   2.6.31-4   kde 4.3 rc3
> Will appreciate any input.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Goh Lip

Oh, silly me. Apologies to all. (Donn thanks)
The Kmix PCM level was way down low after installation. Don't know why. 
But it didn't affect the other sound applications except in browser 
sound applications. Just a tweak of the PCM level resolved the issue.
Much ado about nothing. Somebody should inform the guys that PCM level 
should not be turned so low at installation.

Sorry to waste your time.

Goh Lip

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