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2009/7/21 Perry <pwhite at>:
> Hi,
> Fresh install of Kubuntu Hardy.
> Due to yet unsolved screen resolution problems (see thread "screen
> resolution") when I maximize a window, the right portion including the "X"
> and the scroll bar, is hidden on the right of the screen.
> In my old Suse I could click on the drag bar (or anywhere with the alt button)
> to drag a window...that worked even when the window was maximized.
> Does anyone know of a way to modify KUbuntu settings to allow this
> functionnality?

i believe this is a monitor issue. you might want to, from the monitor
controls, move the screen to the left, or decrease its width.

Thanks Willy

With the button on the monitor I managed to have correct behaviour.
I also found out there is a check box to allow sliding of maximized windows.
It is in <system parameters/behaviour of windows/displacement (moving?? 
translated from french)>

Greetings               Perry

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