Problems installing Kunbuntu 9.04

Goh Lip g.lip at
Sun Jul 26 09:37:28 UTC 2009

Morten Mathisen wrote:
> received a CD from Sweden and installed Kubuntu on an old laptop. Tried 
> installing twice. I got some error messages after the installation. 
> Don’t know which.
> Kubuntu booted from the harddrive. I got the login screen, then the 
> screen went black. Only the cursor on the screen.
> Whem I installed a CD I got a menu in the upper left corner. That’s all.
> Can anyone help me get started with Kubuntu. Till now it has only given 
> me frustration.

> Morten Mathisen

Morten, we need more info..
o Kubuntu version.., alternate install or live cd?
o 'Old' labtop, how old? ram, processor.
    Yes, had fun installing to very old computers in the past, but newer 
Kubuntu's will need better computers, now, sorry. But we might suggest 
something else for you.
o How did you install? Wubi? Do you have enough hard disk space first?
'Older' computers need to clear memory by defrag and scandisk at least 
twice to make sure memory is 'clean'.

 From your (brief) description, looks like you had some degree of 
success, but unable to boot up a graphical mode. Maybe your graphics 
card is not good enough. At the blank screen, type 'Alt+Ctl+F2'. If you 
can see your login in text, login in and then type one of the following

sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start
sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart

Please revert.

Goh Lip

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