Odd "logout" behaviour in KDE4 (Jaunty)

Alvin info at alvin.be
Sat Jul 25 08:27:14 UTC 2009

On Fri, 24 Jul 2009 19:19:06 +0200, Donn <donn.ingle at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Friday, 24 July 2009 18:38:30 Alvin wrote:
>> I have the same problem. Logging out will give me a blank screen. My
>> workaround is logging in with ssh and # /etc/init.d/kdm restart
>> Of course, this requires a second pc. No good solution yet.
>> I think it may be related to the Intel graphics issues.
> Try Ctrl + Alt + F1 --> that gives you a console login. No need for ssh  
> as far
> as I can tell!
> \d

I try that every time. I can probably change tty, but I don't see them.  
Screen stays blank.

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