OT Gnome

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 24 03:53:06 UTC 2009

I just spent a couple of days using the gnome desktop.  It was an experience 
and not difficult to negotiate.  Nonetheless, for you who use Gnome, there is a 
much better set of capabilities in KDE that I missed very much when in Gnome.  
I won't list them, because they are too many, but if you wanted to try, you 
could experience that difference while using a desktop that is not so different 
from yours.  

In the widgets there is a Kmenu called 'traditional' that provides menu 
service more like what you are used to.  If any of you want to talk off List 
about the differences that I believe you would want to have and use, contact me 
at my regular email address.  I am not trying to direct you away from gnome, 
just let you know that the multiple of extra features you can have with kde 
can be enjoyed with a similar menu situation, if that is what keeps you loyal 
to Gnome.  Same company, Kubuntu.

Just a teaser, if you close down your system suddenly and have several open 
programs when it happens, when you boot up, all the applications will be in 
the same status as when you left.

Another.  There is a widget that by putting your cursor in the upper left 
corner of the desktop will zoom out until all open applications will show 
without any overlapping.  It is a great way to move to the right application 
instantly.  Those two alone are worth the change for me.  I also prefer the 
higher tech desktop, but that is not essential to enjoy KDE's other benefits.


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