David McGlone david at
Fri Jul 24 03:20:42 UTC 2009

On Thursday 23 July 2009 02:51:08 pm Derek Broughton wrote:
> Gene Heskett wrote:
> >>> If 'switchdesk' is installed, a simple 'switchdesk kde' and an x
> >>> restart should put you back to where you were. You may have to find and
> >>> install switchdesk in the package managers listings.
> >
> > That has been the std method of switching back and forth since there was
> > a choice of desktops.
> I don't think so...
> > Unforch I haven't used synaptic in quite a while, my only
> > kubuntu install is 6.06 LTS, runs my milling machine.  But I suspect that
> > one of the repositories has not been enabled.
> No.  There is no such toy in Ubuntu.  There is a package named "desktop-
> switcher", but it doesn't look like it supports gnome and kde, it says: "it
> currently supports switching between Ubuntu Netbook Remix mode and "Classic
> Ubuntu" (two panels, gnome-like) mode."
> That sounds like merely a way to change the appearance of gnome itself.

Desktop switcher does in fact let you choose which desktop that you want to be 
used as default at login.

I used it years ago, but I haven't seen a gnome desktop for ages, so no need 
for it here.

David M.

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