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Thu Jul 23 18:41:16 UTC 2009

Paul Lemmons wrote:

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> Date: 07/22/2009 04:55 PM
>>> And for the record, the issue was not the execute bit, it was the fact
>>> that the .desktop files were not in a "standard" directory. They were
>>> shortcuts to the rdesktop command; a base system program.
>> No, that doesn't seem right either - I have created .desktop files that
>> didn't prompt me to run.
> Excerpt from the development thread at:
> ...
> When launching a .desktop file (which I'll refer to as a service), if any
> of the following conditions are true, the launch is permitted:
> 1. The service is executable by the user
> 2. The service is owned by root (to handle the common case of
> system-installed files)
> 3. The service is contained in a standard service directory.  Right now
> this means "xdgdata-apps" in addition to standard KDE service locations.
> ...
> I got bit by number 3

But it says "any" of the conditions - in which case, just making it 
executable should be enough, and I'm suggesting that if you create a 
.desktop file via the desktop (ie, "Create new...", "Link to application") 
it should definitely be executable (if it isn't, I believe it's a bug).  
Now, it looks to me as if that's not the case - that a newly created 
.desktop file is NOT executable, and that's a Bad Thing, imo.

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